Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Travel Photography

Muddy River


This photo was taken with a DSLR and an 18 – 105 lens. The ISO was 200 and exposed at f/8.

The image is another in the continuing series of doing Travel Photography at home. Not only does this help to train your photographic eye to see those things that you believe are worth photographing, but it also helps you to learn more about your own area as well.

Last weeks photo “ Lockhouse 75 “ was the first and the starting point for this photographic walk. As you head East along the C&O Canal towpath from the Lockhouse you will come to an area that is used for picnic’s and for camping.

As you approach the banks of Potomac River, while walking through the open area, this is the view that you will see. The Potomac doesn’t always run muddy, but we recently had some heavy rains and the wash from the tributaries gave the river this muddy view.

Travel Photography can be done anywhere. You don’t have to go far from home and the experience you learn here will serve you greatly when you do make those far away trips.

Besides, if you can’t do Travel Photography at home, what makes you think you can do it on any of your trips? Just something to think about. Have fun!

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