Monday, July 12, 2010

Travel Photography

Lockhouse 75


This image was created by using a DSLR and an 18 – 105 lens. The ISO was 200 and the exposure was 1/200 sec @f/8.

For me, to do Travel Photography is to show people where I’ve been and what’s good about it, but who says that you have to “travel” to do Travel Photography? Why not play tourist where you live and find and capture images as if you were visiting the area for the first time. I do this a lot.

One of my favorite areas to go and spend some time is at Lockhouse 75 on the C&O Canal just east of Cumberland, Maryland. In fact, the Western Terminus of the Canal ends right in Cumberland itself. This photo is but one of several I have taken of this building. Each time I come here I walk around it and try to find a new angle or a different lighting scheme in which to capture. This photo was taken around mid-morning.

And you should know that this part of the C&O Canal is only about 5 to 10 minutes from downtown Cumberland and quite easy to reach. In addition, the trip back to town is an easy route to follow and it will take you past several fast food restaurants, if your hungry.

Over the next few post I plan on showing you some images on why I like to come down here and just walk around, look at things differently and then capture it in a photo. This is just one of many I have taken and I hope to give you an idea of what you can see for yourself if, and when, you come by for a visit. Then you can take back home with you your own Travel Photography memories.

Yeah, this is my world and you are welcome to it.


  1. Hey Glenn, have you seen this? It was filmed right in that same area -

    Nice shot, by the way.

  2. Ha...oops, nevermind, wrong lockhouse. Disregard the link...I still think it's a nice shot though. : )

  3. Hey Bill

    Thanks for the comment, and I think you meant to send this link:

    This is the one that shows what the C&O Canal was like back in 1918. If I'm not mistaking, one of the first locks it shows, I do believe it is lock 75 just from it's size and how it is laid out.

    Hope you see this and, again, thanks.