Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekly Black & White Square Photo


Although this is not a local scene, it is part of my world and I like this view. The photo was taken at a place called "Black Point", and I used a 5MP Point & Shoot camera, held low at almost water level, to capture this image.

In Photoshop Elements I cropped for the square look and converted the photo to a B&W image. I then added some vignetting and burned in some areas. After resizing for web viewing, I added just a touch of sharpening.

My world is not just local, it does comprise a wider area of which much I do not share with you. But this image, and another that I'll post next week, is from an area that we enjoy a lot and I just wanted to share this with you.

Yeah, this, too, is part of my world and you are welcome to it.


  1. Black Point, you say? Never heard of it. I like the perspective that you shot this from! I always really like your B&W conversions! Hope that you are well~


  2. Nice capture. There is always an interesting story to be found when one finds an old tree that is being taken back by the land and water. How old is that tree, who enjoyed the shade from its graceful branches and the questions can go on and on. Very well done and thoughtful shot.

  3. Always love to hear from Mindy and Janet. Thank you both for your comments and I'm glad you like the photo.

    You'll love the one I put up next week. Stay tuned... :-)

  4. wonderful BW photography dear Glenn ! do you suspended your twitter account ?