Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekly Black & White Square Photo

Winter Tree

This almost became a road trip image as I took this photo while on a trip through WV. However, the more I looked at this the more I felt that this would make a great B&W photo, especially with all of those bare branches and a white sky behind it. I've never really noticed a tree with so many branches in it and this one still fascinates me.

The photo itself was taken with a 5MP P&S camera with an ISO of 100 exposed at 1/400sec @f/5. In Photoshop Elements I cropped this for a square image and converted it to a B&W photo. I then adjusted Levels, added some contrast and then re-sized the image. As a final touch I added just a very small touch of sharpening. This time I did not add any vignetting, and no dodging or burning was applied.

Sometimes a photo made for one purpose really turns out to be something completely different altogether and this is one of those images. Even shooting fast through a car windshield can create an image worth looking at, and I hope you agree that this is one of those photos.

Yeah, this is my world, on the road in black & white, and you are welcome to it.

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  1. One of my favorite subjects Glenn. This is nice. I like the rock in the FG.