Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Road Trip Photography

Country Church

This photo came about by accident and because of a very aggressive garbage truck, the tractor trailer kind. About a week ago, or so, I was on Route 160, the Cumberland Hwy that runs between Wellersburg and Berlin, PA, and I was being followed by this garbage truck.

Even though I was going as fast as the speed limit, and maybe even a little faster, every chance the driver of the truck got he would ride my donkey as if he was trying to push me along, or out of the way. I decided enough was enough and I looked up the road and saw a large parking lot where I could pull over. I did and the truck just whizzed on by.

At this point I looked over and here were these two churches sitting there, one quite prominent. As I looked I loved the way the sun was shining across the front of the main church, the little bit of snow, the trees and the darkened sky. I just had to photograph this scene, and I did.

I took this photo with a 5mp P&S camera. The ISO was 100 and the exposure was 1/1000 sec @f/5.6. In Photoshop Elements I copped out the parking lot, adjusted levels to make sure I had the proper colors, adjusted the contrast just a little and then re-sized the image for web viewing. Afterward I then added just a smidgen of sharpening.

So, even though I was sitting still when I took this photo I still consider it Road Trip Photography because I was in the car, I was on a road trip, and only came across this photo by accident, and by the push of a garbage truck. You know, I have no idea where that truck wound up? At the end of a ticket, I hope.

Yeah, this is my world, on the road, and you are welcome to it.


  1. I have always loved this little church,in the snow it looks very poetic also

  2. Beautiful! Whenever I drive by here I want to stop and take a picture but never have.