Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekly Black & White Square Photo

Waiting for Spring - B&W Version

If you have viewed my last post - A View From Western Maryland - you will recognize this photo. For this is a B&W square photo version of the color photo "Waiting for Spring". One of the reasons I did this was that I've received numerous requests to show what the color photo looked like before I converted it to B&W. You can view the color version of this photo by clicking here - Waiting For Spring. Or you can click on the link on the right under the heading - Previous Post Entries - A View From Western Maryland.

You can also find the photo info on that link, on how I took this photo with the settings that were used. For this look, I took that photo, cropped it for the square look and then converted it to a B&W image. I then added some additional contrast, did some more dodging and buring in of various areas and added some additional sharpening and some softness to various areas as well.

I should also note that I had saved the color version in Photoshop Elements file format of PSD so that the different layers were still available for use, addition or deletion. I never work on the original and if the photo might have an occasion for printing I always save in PSD file format for working on the image, and only as a last step do I resize the image, do a little cleanup and then add some sharpening due to lose of image sharpness from the resizing of the image, when I plan on putting it up on the web, like in my photoblog. Only full size images are uploaded to my Flickr gallery or to my SmugMug gallery.

Yeah, this is my world, and it doesn't matter whether it is in color or B&W I still love it, and you are welcome to it.


  1. I like this one too. It's nice to have a color and a black and white tio compare but I don't know which one I like best. :)

  2. love it Glenn .. a great photograph ! thanks for sharing