Saturday, February 27, 2010

Road Trip Photography

Cold Farm

How much do you like your job? Imagine getting up early every morning, seven days a week, and going to this office? I bet your job doesn't sound so bad now.

My dad was born and raised on a farm as was my grandfather and great-grandfather. That farm was in Lost City in Hardy Co. of WV. I've seen photos from back then and believe me I don't think the work was easy. My wife's dad, grandparents and great- grandparents also were born and raised on a farm just north of Barton MD. So we know, from stories past down, what farm life was like and it takes a special kind of person to live and work on a farm. They are to be admired and cherished as that sort of a life, family farm life, is quietly and slowly fading away.

This photo, taken just north of Moorefield, WV, was taken with a 5MP P&S camera out the front windshield while going about 50mph. ISO setting was 100 and taken at 1/500 sec @ f/6.3. In Photoshop Elements I did a slight crop, adjusted levels just a touch and then re-sized for web viewing. That was it.

This is the first, for 2010, of what I hope will be many Road Trip Photographs, and I hope to share many of them with you. Most of these are taken as I journey to and from various places on networking service calls. I enjoy this style of photography very much and it does show what I see while traveling around in my world.

Yeah, this is from my West Virginia world and you are welcome to it.


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