Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Road Trip Photography

Country Lane

Just as the leaves started to turn this past fall I photographed this lane in Garrett County of Western Maryland. I was going about 40mph and took this image through the front windshield. There was no wind this morning. The trees have grown to be this way from the strong winds that do flow across this landscape, however.

For this photo I used a 5mp P&S camera. In Photoshop Elements I used basic levels to make sure the colors were correct, re-sized it for web viewing and added a touch of sharpening.

Already I miss the nice weather of this day as, lately, the weather now, in my world, has been turning gradually colder; really don't like Winter only because of the cold.

Yeah, this is a Country Lane in my world, going where ever you want it to go, and you are welcome to it.

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  1. Beautiful photograph and wonderful reflection here. I just followed you on Twitter (@fryeme) and found your site. I too share a love of photography and reflections in word that accompany them. This post is really wonderful brother. Excellent!