Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weekly Black & White Square Photo

Lake Side Fall

When the trees become bare the water level drops. Docks become platforms and sadness returns. Summer is gone and so is the fun, or so it seems. For this is just an interlude of rest before Winter arrives and the Winter games begin.

Deep Creek Lake is a great all year round playground; boating, swimming and fishing. And with the Winter season comes Ice Fishing and Snowmobiling, if the Lake freezes over enough. Even if it doesn't there is always Skiing at the Wisp Ski Resort right next to the Lake.

And for all the info on the Lake, and the surrounding area, check out the Deep Creek Blog.

As for this photo, it was taken with a 5mp P&S camera. In Photoshop Elements, it was converted to a B&W photo and cropped for the square look. I added some contrast, vignetting some burning in and a touch of sharpening.

Although it looks bleak now it will soon be a Winter Wonder Land on and around Deep Creek Lake; Western Maryland's hidden gem.

Yeah, this is my World of Wonder and you are welcome to it.

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