Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekly Black & White Square Photo

The Chase

Sometimes you've just gotta run for your life to keep from getting creamed, or in this case to keep from being tackled; which to a young football player is the same thing.

This photo was taken on a very overcast day and in the rain. A DSLR with a 28 - 200mm lens was used, at the 200mm setting, and the ISO was 400 taken at 1/500 @ f/5.6. In Photoshop Elements I cropped for the square look, converted it to the B&W image, added some vignetting, did a little burning in and finished it off with a smidgen of sharpening to compensate for the resizing of the image.

The purpose of all this, of course, is a throw back to a time of the square negative, especially the 126 film. These cameras were cheap and in good sunlight they gave a decent image but rarely at the level of a 35mm SLR. On any day, other than a sunny day, the results were less predictable and sometimes the results were much like this photo. But, boy were they fun to use. Just point and shoot.

Now I shoot a lot of youth sports - football, baseball, basketball and soccer - and knowing the game does help. Many times on an overcast day you can pretty much set your shutter speed and f/stop and shoot away knowing that each shot will receive a good exposure, because no matter where you look the lighting is the same. So, this way, all you have to do is consentrate on the action and you stand less of a chance of missing anything.

Sometimes, though, you do get caught up in the action and miss a good photo. For me, that seems to happen when I imagine myself back out there on the field involved in the play and that's when I usually miss that once in a lifetime photo. But that is all part of my photography and I would not change it for anything.

Sports played a big part of my life and even now it is still with me, and although I no longer play the games I greatly enjoy capturing the action and sharing them with the kids parents. Seeing the smiles on their faces makes it all worthwhile. And I love the way the kids will look at the photo almost as if they are reviewing the play all over again, and when that smile appears you know that you've captured it for them.

Yeah, this is my sports world, and you are welcome to it.


  1. The touch of vignetting is perfect Glenn. I used a Nikon 28-200 for years and loved it - very useful range.

  2. Very artistic and realistic photo Glenn, dig it !