Saturday, October 24, 2009

A View From Western Maryland

Only God Can Make A Tree

Click on the image for a larger photo

While photographing a youth football game this morning, in the rain, this was the scene that was on the mountain next to the field; well, not exactly this particular view. I did take this photograph between plays but, when I did, I had in mind of trying my hand at doing "Orton Imagery". It is about creating an artistic or a painting type of a photograph, and I'm surprised and pleased with my first try. It is fun and quite easy.

If you want to give this a try, if you haven't already, here's a link to a site at Creative Nature Photography with the instructions -

BTW, this photo was taken with a DSLR with an 28 - 200mm lens. ISO was at 1600 and taken at 1/160 @ f/4.8. Settings were normal and I used center-weighted exposure for this one. Of course it was cloudy and very overcast, that's why the need for a high ISO and it was raining, which I think added to the glistening effect.

Even when photographing sports there is beauty out there, but if you are not looking for it you will never see it :-)

Yeah, this is my world, in the fall of Western Maryland, and you are welcome to it.