Saturday, October 31, 2009

Road Trip Photography

Steeples On Prospect

Another photo taken from the road while in my car. This image was created as I was descending the exit from I68 on the Cross Town Bridge that goes over Cumberland. I was doing about 30mph when I took this photo, using a 5mp point & shoot camera. The settings were 1/250 sec @ f/4.9, ISO was 50.

There aren't too many photos taken from this angle or this particular viewpoint and I was happy that this turned out as good as it did. I really don't advise doing this kind of photography as it can be as dangerous, if not more so, than using a cell phone or texting. However, it is challenging and fun to do, especially if you do get that once in a life time photo, and I believe that this is one of them.

Yeah, this is my world, in Western Maryland, and you are welcome to it.