Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weekly Black & White Square Photo

Under The Bridge

This is the underside of the CrossTown Bridge of I68 that runs through Cumberland, MD. The bridge, itself, runs through (over) Canal Place and over Wills Creek.

The play of light and shadows on the riverside wall, with its shapes and angles is what caught my attention. In addition, the reflection of the sun's light off of the water on the underside of the bridge itself highlighted the cross girders at angles different than what was below.

This photo was taken with a DSLR and an 18 - 70mm lens. ISO was 200 shot at 1/650 sec @f/5.6. I converted the photo to a B&W image in Photoshop Elements, did some digital dodging and burning and added a little sharpening. Of course, it was first cropped for that square look.

For me, a photo like this is one that you find when you are looking to shoot. In unexpected places hide some of the best photos. When someone tells me that they can't find anything to photograph just tells me that they are not looking. If you are not looking you will never see. Gee! I think I've read that some place before?

In my world there are many places, things and people that can be photographed; this is just one of them.

Yeah, this is my world and you are welcome to it.


  1. Another awesome shot Glenn. And thanks for the plug to my Blog.

  2. One of your best. Very dramatic image.

  3. I agree with Bill - very dramatic! I love it! And, thanks for my plug too! I appreciate the support.

  4. I'll post some of my bridge shots today.

  5. Superb shot ... found this on ilan bresler's blog. lovin the lines, natural lighting and shadows.

  6. Ditto what Bim said - found you on ilan's as well. Thinking creatively, at first glance this shot looked like a castle, and the different colored cement to build the bridge are like different branches of the castle. High contrast, very good shot indeed.