Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Road Trip Photography

The Cut

With all the talk lately about the closing of the Sideling Hill Visitor's Center I decided to add one more photo to that discussion for those who have never really looked at what is there.

Here we have The Cut, of which I am always fascinated to see. I was on my way back from a call in Martinsburg and it was such a beautiful and clear day that I knew I would be able to get a good photo - maybe. For this photo I used a P&S camera set at an ISO of 50 and an f-stop of f/5.6; I estimated that I would get a good shutter speed and I did at 1/500 sec.

Upon approach I noticed that there were no vehicles in front or behind me so I figured that I could slow down some. As I approached the foot bridge that goes across I68 I prefocused the lens and took my foot off of the accelerator, by the time I came out on the other side I was doing about 50mph. At the same time I pointed the camera up through the windshield, I took a quick glimpse in the LCD of what it was seeing and snapped the shutter. This is what I got.

In photoshop I resized the photo and optimized it for the web, and then added just a touch of sharpening. This is the result. I hope you enjoy viewing it. For a larger and more clearer photo just click on it and then hit your back button to return to the blog.

Again, I must warn you not to try something like this unless you're a little on the nutty photographer side or, better yet, you are the passenger. Yeah, well, we know what that makes me; I wasn't the passenger :-)

Anyway, this is my world and you are welcome to it.

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  1. Glenn You are a wild man! This is an amazing shot. I can not believe that you shot it through the car windshield, while you were driving 50 mph. It is a GREAT shot. Wonderful color and details.