Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weekly Black & White Square Photo

Sample of 41st Annual Heritage Days Festival

The 41st Annual Heritage Days Festival is over, and this is a sample of what you could have seen had you been there. This was taken with a DSLR and an 18 - 105 lens; ISO 200, 1/320 sec @f/9. Original was converted to B&W and optimized in Photoshop Elements.

The event had two beautiful days and if you didn't get the WAMBA Polish Sausage with the works you missed a great sandwich. That is why I go, photography comes second at this event. And the Funnel Cakes, delicious.

This is all for now. I'm hoping to put up several more photos later on this week. I'll keep you posted.

Man, I love my life, and this is my world, Polish Sausage, funnel cakes and all, and you are welcome to it.

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