Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Impressionistic Photo

The Pond

I stood by the pond at noontime,
The sun was very high.
I looked across the bright clear water
And a lovely girl walked by.

Thus is the beginning of a poem I wrote about 40 years ago. I have never really come across a pond that I had envisioned when I first wrote that poem, until now. I came across this pond this past Sunday morning at a Father's day fishing event.

I had been invited by my son and his sons to go along on this Fathers day event and we had a great time. Now, I don't catch fish but I do " catch " happenings, and I took numerous photos. Yeah, it was so bad that my son told everyone that I was the " family " photographer. Not to far from the truth, I suspect.

Anyway, when I saw the pond where the fishing event was being held my poem suddenly popped back into my head and I said " This is it. This is the pond. " And now you can see it as well.

Actually it has been photoshopped some, basically to give it sort of a painting look, and you really have to click on this photo to make it bigger to see the total effect. The photo itself was taken with a DSLR and an 18 - 200mm lens, 1/320 sec @ f/5.6.

As a side story, my youngest grandson told me that he didn't like to fish and that he wasn't a " fisher guy ". Well, his dad did get him to fish some and, lo and behold, he got the trophy for catching the largest catfish; 3lbs something. He just may yet become a " fisher guy ".

Yeah, this is my world - the fishing, the fun and the fine life - and you are all welcome to it.

Except for the pond, that is mine alone and for my loved one :-)

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  1. Hi Glenn Just wanted to say again how much I enjoy your Blog. Not sure what I enjoy more, the stories or the photos. It was yours, Bill's and Marcia's Blogs that inspired me to do the WMPA Blog. Now if I could only get my own site done. Do you do Blog tutoring? Thanks again . . . they never fail to put a smile on my face, and who couldn't use a few more smiles these days? Michelle