Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weekly Black & White Square Photo

Looking East From The Pear Street Crossing

When it comes to trains, tracks and stations I seem to be pulled more to the tracks. Maybe it is because I was on them a good deal as a kid. This view, looking east from the Pear St. crossing off of Henderson Avenue in Cumberland, MD, is an example of this. For me, this view is exactly what you might get if you were to have used one of the 126 film cameras of the 60's.

These cameras were not the sharpest and they basically used the Sunny 16 rule; where the lens was set at f/16 and the shutter speed was set by the film speed of the cartridge. You just popped the cartridge in the camera and off you went, and you hoped that on cloudy or overcast days that the lab would compensate and give you a good image. This film did have a wide exposure range and it was a good thing too, especially for shots like this.

Now if you would like to see a great example of train photography you should see the shot taken by local photographer Bill Merlavage and placed on his blog at this site - Merlavage Images - this is a great night time shot. While there, check out his other train shots as well at this site - Merlavage Train Photos -

Actually, this photo was taken with a DSLR, ISO at 200, 1/125 @ f/5.6; at about 10:30 in the morning. My wife watched my back side to make sure no trains were coming from the opposite direction. It was a very overcast day with some lingering fog which added to the image I was creating.

The original was a color jpeg and I converted it to a B&W photo and then cropped it for the square look. I then added some vignetting, a little contrast and a touch of sharpening. That was it.

Tracks can make a great subject whether in color or B&W and they are in my world, past and present. Yeah, this is my world and you are welcome to it.

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