Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weekly Black & White Square Photo

A place for rest, from riding the rails or towing the barge, across this Trestle came the B&O Railroad and underneath it came the C&O Canal. Hobo's may have rested here, the animals pulling the canal boats and there leaders may have stopped here for a bite of food, a drink and to cool off in the shade of the Trestle from the hot sun. However, since this is an area of several locks, the stop for the Canawlers most likely was short lived, if they stopped at all.

How many trains have crossed over and how many boats have gone under, not to mention the animals that pulled them and the people that road both the trains and canal boats. Their numbers are lost, but the spirit of the times and the hard work of the ages remain and can be scene in the weathered look of this Trestle.

This photo was taken with a DSLR and a 18 - 70 mm lens set at 18mm with a shutter speed of 1/6 sec @ f/8 with an ISO of 400. This photo was shot hand held, but I was leaning back against the opposite wall with both arms tucked in my sides and the camera jammed against my face between two hands. I even stopped breathing for the shot, and with all that it's a wonder I got anything at all, let alone survive the shoot; but it was worth it.

Even on this very overcast day the contrast was striking. The original is a jpeg color image. It has been converted to B&W, cropped for the square look, and slightly sharpened with some dodging and burning to bring out the texture of the image. A little extra contrast was also applied.

I took many shots the day of the shoot and, if not next week, sometime soon I plan on showing a photo of the Trestle itself from topside, looking down the tracks; what someone would see as they walk the rails.

Yes, the Canal, the Railroad and the Trestles, too, are a part of my life and, even though I like shooting in color as well, I enjoy looking at my world through a B&W lens. I see the past, I see our legacy and that is the reason for the B&W Square Photo; to honor the cameras and films of the past as they captured life as it happened.

This is my world, Trestles and all, I love it and you are welcome to it.

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