Friday, April 17, 2009

The Photographer I Am

When I put a new photo on this site I do so realizing that there are many photographers out there who create far greater photos than I, and I don't mean to insinuate that if you do what I do you can create great photos as well.

The reason I do this, keep this photoblog, is two fold. First I like to show people what my world here in Western Maryland is like, and I like to do so on a positive note. In doing so I like to use the photos that I take in seeing my world as I do and in creating a final print that is a good example of what I saw when I first took the shot. So I hope to give a good representation of what life is like where I live and work; something at which people enjoy viewing. IOW's a downright good shot.

And if that makes someone want to come visit my world then I've accomplished what I've set out to do.

And second, I like to get it across to everyone who visits my site that I like photography and that photography can and should be fun. Sure, there are rules to follow in creating good photos but rules are also meant to be broken. In the final analysis, if you are satisfied and happy with the finished results, that is all that matters.

Photograph for me is fun, as it should be for you. Sure, you want others to like your shots as well, but I believe that if you are shooting to please someone else, and not yourself, then that takes all the fun out of it. Creating photos for yourself and striving always to get better so that in looking back at what you did a few years earlier you should see a progression of better and more satisfying results, and it is in this vain that others most likely will begin to see the difference as well.

In short, if your photos don't please you then how can you be expected to create photos that will please others. When you get comfortable enough in doing what you love doing it will show and it will come across even when you are shooting something for someone else, even if it is something that isn't of interest to you. You do it for the fun of it. When you loose that, your photography will go down hill fast.

So, your photography may be better than mine and I applaud you for it and I just might learn from it; someday I just might get there myself. But, in the meantime, I intend to have fun in my world and shoot for me. Some will like my work, some won't no matter how good it might be. I've had some good comments and some good suggestions, both of which I greatly appreciate. If you like my work, let me know, and even if you do not like my work let me know that as well, and when you do please let me know why, so that by it I may grow.

Anyway, I'm off of the pedestal for now. Just wanted to speak my mind on a subject that I love. Must do so while I am still coherent, some. For this is my world, crazy, fun, black & white or color. My world is a great place to be and many of you already live in a world very similar to mine; it's just that you are afraid to admit it and step out over that line and have fun with your photography.

It would be great if we could all say "This is my world and you are welcome to it".


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