Saturday, April 4, 2009

Beautiful Neighbor of the Bland Hospital

In an earlier blog entry - - I showed photos of the two local hospitals, as they now look, and two photos of the new hospital that is scheduled to open this year; which replaces both hospitals. If you've seen them I hope you noticed how bland and almost prison like the new building looks.

Now I know we need(?) a new hospital but does it have to be so, well, pallid? Could it at least have a little character or some color? Well, close by, as a neighbor, if you look and expect to see, you can see beauty where it is not expected. Below, at a close intersection is this view. I wonder how many of us have driven by and either not noticed or just gave a quick glance to this landscape? If you are looking you will see. Expect the unexpected and it just may jump out at you as this view did to me.

Odds are, this may not look the same the next time I go by but for this one moment this is what I saw, at least in my photographic mindset as I stopped to photograph what was there. Does this ever happen to you? I sure hope so.

This photo was captured with a DSLR and an 18-70mm lens at 1/250 & f/8 set at 70mm with an ISO of 200; handheld. In Photoshop Elements I cropped it, adjusted the contrast a little, added a little saturation and gave a final small bit of sharpening. Basically I did my best to make the final print look as good as what I saw in my mind when I photograped this scene. As usual, if you click on the photo it will open to a larger size and then just click on your back button or backspace key to return to this blog.

And I love the way the one limb of the tree seems to be bent over the shed as if to provide some protection, or even to tell all that look upon this scene that the tree may be saying "hands off, this shed is mine". Yeah, I know, what an imagination. Tell me that you don't have one that you use when you photograph something? Think about it. :-)

There is a lot that goes on in my world and contrary to what one might think I do shoot in color as well, especially when color is what the photo basically is all about. I think that if this was in B&W it would not come across as well as it does. And since this is a close neighbor to the new bland hospital, color is whats needed to bring some life, some character to the neighborhood.

This is my world, and even a new hospital is welcomed, no matter what its looks might be, because all around it is beauty that can be seen when one looks for it. Yeah, this is my world and you are welcome to it.

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