Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Morn & Ice

Christmas Eve Morning came with freezing rain and ice. So, what else would you expect a photographer to do but to go out and photograph it.

I went downtown and found the foot mall a sheet of ice, which is what you would expect when it is below freezing and it is raining with sleet thrown in. There was some traffic moving but in the first pic, where you see the grey to black area on the foot mall, you see nothing but a sheet of ice. Naturally I have to get a closer look.

In photos two and three, which were taken from the town square, you can see the sleek & smooth ice. It was in photograph number three where I did the next wild, or stupid, thing depending on how you look at it with my age in consideration. Where it looks like it is just wet on the bricks was actually smooth clear ice. I was over on the left side next to the Gateway Center when I first noticed how slick was the ice.

I started to go across and at first I slide by accident. Then I tried on purpose to slide and when I realized how easy it was, my past came a calling. I looked around to see if anyone else was about and not seeing anyone, I did it. Just right before the brite red bricks meet the darker red ones I took about two quick steps and then one longer one and let it go and I slide almost all the way across the dark red bricks. What a rush. With a big grin on my face and heart beating fast I did it.

For the first time in about 40 years I slide on the ice. And I'm going to be 62 next month. Well, I always did say I will never grow up. No matter how old the body - my thoughts, my mind, what I feel is who I am. And I felt like being a kid again. And what better time for doing so than on Christmas Eve Morn.

I remembered the psychiatrist from MASH, Sidney Freedman I think, when he told the overworked hospital crew "Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice". Well, it did release some pent up stress from work, but I did keep the pants up. I can just see an older man lying flat on his back with his pants down around his ankles. Now there is a picture :-)

Photo number four is just a shot that I wanted to record. The lights and color in what seemed like an otherwise dull scene just stood out and needed to be captured; and I did. Of course, in weather like this you really have to be careful of the other driver when out in you car, and pic number five shows just what you never thought you would see behind the wheel of the other car. Of course the fur coat looked really great.

As for the technical info on these they were taken with a DSLR and an 18 - 105 lens. In between shots I would keep the camera in my jacket and when I was ready to shoot I would take it out, frame and fire, and then put it back away. It didn't get wet to much but it did start me to thinking about getting a good raincoat for my camera. If anyone out there uses one and could recommend a good one I would greatly appreciate it.

The camera settings the photos were all shot in programmed customized mode, adding just a little in camera saturation. In photoshop elements I did Levels adjustment and then added a little sharpening and some vignetting; just trying to keep it simple.

Even though I now live outside of Cumberland it still is my city. Yeah, this is my world. It's great living and working here and I wouldn't move away unless I really had to. Actually I've been away from here at least twice and both times I came back; and glad I did.

As usual, if you click on any photo you will get a larger view and then you can hit your back button to return to the blog.

My world is great, it's colorful and you are more than welcome to it.

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  1. Hi Glenn,
    I use one of these for shooting in the rain...