Friday, August 1, 2008

Western Maryland Station In Cumberland

In 1906 the railroad finally reached Cumberland, MD and in 1913 the Western Maryland Railroad Station was built. The following photos shows what it is like today as well as a little view of the area around it. This is the same station where the annual Train Pull is held. Hope you can come by sometime and visit.

Today, the Station houses the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, the Canal Place Preservation Society and is part of the Canal Place Heritage Area. There is also a gift shop, a Deli with really great food and the lower portion houses the C&O Canal National Historic Park Visitors Center. There are displays of Canal life and life aboard a canal boat; quite an interesting place to visit.

Close by are the Shops at Canal place as well as other interesting Canal Place attractions including a fully restored Canal Boat. But for now, here are the photos of the Western Maryland Station.

These photographs were taken mostly with a Nikon D50 and an 18-70mm lens or a Canon A95 P&S Camera. Also, as I've grown in creating this blog I've learned how to upload my photos so that if you would like to see any of these photos in a larger size, just click on them to view them larger and then click on your back button to return to this window.

Now I enjoy writing, and documentary style photography I love even more, putting them together - what could be more fun than that. :-)

This is my world. I really enjoy it and I hope you realize that you are welcome to it.

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