Sunday, August 24, 2008

People On The Square

I went down to the Town Square Saturday, in Cumberland, and shot a few people. I guess I shouldn't use that term - shot - someone might get the wrong impression. I went with the purpose of photographing the people that I would see there.

As I look at them I like to try and figure out what they might be thinking, where they are going or what they are doing, and I give the photos names that reflect that. Below are nine of the photos that I took and hopefully you might find one or two interesting.

As usual, if you want to see the photos larger just click on them and then hit your back button to return to the main page.

For me, street photography is a way of getting away from my own world for awhile and I try to view life from another perspective. These people have their own lives and I try to capture, if possible, a small part of that life so that if they were to see these pictures they would say "I remember that". And hopefully it would put a smile on their face.

Doing street photography is sort of like being a peeping Tom. You are imposing your camera on someone else. Sometimes they might be looking right at you and at other times they are completely oblivious to what you are doing. Either way you are stepping out of that comfort zone of your own life into the unknown of anothers life.

However, it is a good documentation of what is going on Downtown; the people, what's happening and life itself that you see on a daily basis. The only thing difference is that you are stopping time and capturing a moment that may never happen again. These are the people on the Square on the Mall in Downtown Cumberland.

In order of appearance, here are the names I gave the photos:

  1. Relaxing
  2. In The Spotlight
  3. Love In Unison
  4. Having A Great Time
  5. The Ref
  6. You Make Me Happy
  7. On A Mission
  8. Look Away
  9. The Vet

All of the photos were taken with a Nikon D50 and an Nikkor 28-200mm Lens. Basically I was sitting on a bench, around 10:00 AM, not trying to hide my camera, and only two were taken without putting the camera up to the eye; didn't think that I would have time for the shot that I saw and just pointed the camera and pressed the shutter.

I wanted to be open about this and anyone who saw me would know what I was doing. I did a little post processing in Photoshop Elements 6 and that was it.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know.

Yeah, this is my world and you are welcome to it. :-)

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