Friday, July 18, 2008

Keeping With A Historic Theme

Keeping the theme of Historic Sites here are a few photos from the C&O Canal which terminates in Cumberland, MD. This shot is of Lock & Lock House 75 about five miles south east of Cumberland. You might be able to see a person standing on the Lock itself, to give a sense of size.

This shot is a different view of the Lock House at Lock 75 to give an idea of how it may have looked back in history; as one would approach from a different direction. This photo lost some of it's saturation in the upload; I'll have to watch that in the future.

Last but not least, here is a photo of the famed PawPaw Tunnel. It is further south east of Cumberland at PawPaw, WV. It is still one of the longest canal tunnels ever built at 3118 feet, and it was built through solid rock in the mountain that ran next to the Potomac River.

The two photos of Lock 75 were taken with a Nikon D50 and an 18-70mm lens and a 28-200mm respectively. The photo of the PawPaw Tunnel was taken with a little ol' Panasonic P&S 3.2 MP; shot from the bow of the boat as we approached the tunnel. Just kidding, there was no boat, but I ain't saying how I got the shot; I didn't get wet though :-)
There are many more photos to come, and soon you will be seeing some photos of how Cumberland looks today. It is quite a city - beautiful, friendly and very photogenic. She is such a lovely lady and she isn't called the Queen City for nothing.
Yeah, this is my world. I love it and you're welcome to it.

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