Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Annual Train Pull At CanalFest/RailFest

Since 2001 the worlds only Train Pull Competition has been held in Cumberland, MD to benefit the Allegany County Special Olympics. The Competition is sponsored by the Allegany County Sheriff's Dept and includes participation of developmentally disabled athletes from Allegany and Garrett Counties in MD and Mineral County in WV.

This year 20 teams signed up to participate in pulling the 250-ton steam engine named Mountain Thunder. Each team has to pull the train 12 feet with the fastest time being the winning team. This year members of the Carpenters Union set a new record of just under 15 seconds.

As usual a large turn out of locals and visitors alike came to view the competition and the following photos gives you an idea of the Train (Mountain Thunder), the Train Pull and the crowd that gathers to watch. The Train Pull also kicks off the annual CanalFest/RailFest which celebrates Cumberland's link to transportation.

In 1806 construction for the National Road began in Cumberland and in 1842 the first Steam Engine, of the nations first railroad - B&O Railroad - arrived in Cumberland, and in 1850 the C&O Canal came to town. So Cumberland has a long history of transportation and the Cana/RailFest festival celebrates these historical moments in Cumberland.

Yes, once again you see photos of my world. The three that you see here were taken with a Nikon D50 and an 18-70mm lens. Hope you enjoy them. And, welcome to my world :-)

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